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Highlight of the Weekend

Battle of the Barrios XII. Rutgers Association of Philippine Students (RAPS) annual competition in which schools in District 3 put together a skit and incorporate a modern and cultural dance into the skit. This competition can get fierce as there are trophies for Best Modern, Best Cultural, and Best Skit as well as an Overall Winner’s Trophy. As a member of RAPS, this an event I look forward to every year. Every year I’ve shadowed for RAPS e-board helping out and watching the different skits that each school does every year. This year was different though.

This year, as D3 Rep for RAPS, I’ve been sending emails to different schools since Winter Break and PR’ing this event like crazy. That alone was more of a reason to by hyped up. But this year, I performed as part of RAPS Cultural Dance Troupe (RCDT). This was my first year in RCDT I haven’t been more excited for Battle in my years in Rutgers. 

We trained long and hard for this year’s Battle, and by the day of the event the only thing we could do was do our best. 

Watching the previous performances, I could tell the performances were very competitive. The aspects of Cultural, Modern, and Skit were executed really well. During the whole night the butterflies came about and it just wouldn’t go away, at least until the group prayer. Thanks to God, we were able to have more confidence. We ended up doing our best and we knew that the actual performance was BALLER.

After watching the ones I missed due to runthrough, I knew that Battle 2013 was a success. I wish I can relive the events of Battle again. After everything was said and done we knew everyone did a good job. Congratulations to all the schools that won trophies. St John’s PARE for Best Cultural, NYU for Best Modern, Stony Brook for Best Skit, and Rutgers - NB for Best Overall. I didn’t expect Best Overall especially after not getting a smaller trophy in RAPS but the fact that we actually did our best and winning it all is alot of joy. 

Thank you everyone involved in Battle of the Barrios 2013 from e-board to shadows to RCDT to the other performers to the judges to the other schools coming to D3 to GMA to the Philippine Consulate. This year’s battle was a huge success and hopefully next year’s will be even better than ever!

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